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Who is Daniel Williams? I am the younger of two children of Thelma Williams; my father is Levi Jackson and I am a storyteller. I grew up moving between Austin and San Antonio and went from being an outgoing child to a shy, contemplative teen and young adult and finally becoming the sometimes-insightful person I am today. I graduated from St. Philip’s College with my Associate of Liberal Arts degree and from the University of Texas at San Antonio with my Bachelors in Technical Communication. I am a child of the eighties and the media of that decade heavily influenced me in the manner of my future endeavors. Even though I was a minor artist back then, my ambition far outstripped my talent. However, in my mind I would pit the heroes and villains I created against the comic and cartoon characters I grew up on. Thus began my first stories.



Storm Works Designs began as Williams Works but after the name was used for another family business venture, I had to chose a new name. Think of the iconic characters that symbolize comic companies like  Spider-Man for Marvel, or Superman for DC, I decided to pick one of my characters to symbolize my company as well and choose Storm Works, the living thunderstorm. Thus Williams Works became Storm Works Designs. Storm Works Designs is the showcase of my various artistic endeavors my books of poet, prints, and art books. 

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